Well it’s that time of year when no one is reading blogs but the I’m still going to crank out a meager attempt of a before and after…..except when you get to the end and you are waiting for the big reveal….it might leave you scratching your head.

What I mean is it’s not quite finished but that is because it is out in Boulder and I can’t just scoot over and get a few quick shots.

Here is where we started….I think you will remember this one [you can read about the plan here and here ].

I know we were all in agreement that this was not a bad bathroom and with maybe a new light fixture it and some magic zhushing she could be purdy.

So I put together a plan right here in Atlanta that Greg would implement in Boulder for me!  He’s talented like that:)

Starting with the floors…..

That large hex tile is so pretty in person trust me!

The shower got a new look with the blue gray subway tile.

We had to tweak the counter top selection….but then the Thibaut wallpaper went up and everyone agreed it might be the star of the show!


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