Well as suspected Tuesday was a no go on the post….and I was so relaxed by that point….that I could not even get to it on Monday 🙂

I can hardly explain how much I needed this break.  On top of everything we as a country are going thru….my own troubles definitely warranted a little break.

To start off….I felt really safe on Delta.  Everything was so clean and they are not selling the middle seat.  I think that was one of my biggest fears.

It was my very first visit to Nantucket and I can now say it’s the most charming town ever.  The fact that 90% of the homes are gray and white really appealed  to my “neutral loving” soul!  Hopefully you saw some of my “instastories” showing some of the beautiful homes.  #visualoverload

I stayed with my neighbors who just completed a major renovation of their home…..and it was amazing.  They have been vacationing up there forever and finally bought 7 years ago.  Now they are gone from June to October which really irritates me.

This was the worst part….flying on Cape Air from Boston to Nantucket.  #whiteknuckle 

I love the colors she and her team [that is another story] picked out….

Jumped out of the car to this garden scene….

It was like full on spring up there!

Check out the view from the very top of the house!

Now let’s talk about Anne….she is an excellent cook.  Where I will have saltines and butter for dinner….with wine of course…..she will whip up something worthy of a 5 star restaurant .

A friend told me about this cookbook and I shared it with her.  She said it is her new favorite…..

I am just now realizing that she made the cover dish!  Cauliflower steak in a cauliflower puree with a lemon salsa on top.  IT WAS AMAZING…..

She made this dish from the same cookbook the first night!

She also made these which I thought was cruel!  We ate half the dough and then lounged around in a sugar coma the rest of the day.

We stumbled on this store while out looking for a few accessories for her new place.  Oh yeah….did I mention I was NOT part of the design team? 


This place was a gem!

Right down the street was this amazing home….I was told it previously belonged to Tommy Hilfiger.  Those shutters……

So many pretty moments…..

On Tuesday we can discuss why I wasn’t part of the design/build team [how many times have I said that right?]…..and I will share some pictures of the inside.

Oh yeah….. the first day we got there we took the dogs for a long walk and I was so stressed about ticks I practically bathed in Deets. I then talked about ticks and how scared I was every 5 minutes on the walk.  

They were kind of irritated about that…. but remember it was at their farm that I received my tick bite so I felt like they deserved to be a little uncomfortable:)




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