OK…..everybody take a huge breath…..it’s time for me to take you away from all of this madness!  It’s Good Friday and it’s all about pretty here at Design Indulgence.

Look….I am as anxious as all of you.  Living alone and trying to find my way….. but the things that have helped me the most have been staying in a routine.  I am so serious about this…..I still get up at 6:00 and make my bed.  Get on the internet…. answer emails and work for about 3 hours.  Then I walk Cami….dump her and go on my own walk for 4 miles.  Shower and get dressed like I’m going to work:)

It makes my life feel a little normal.  I only put the news on at night for a while.  

OK….todays glimpse of pretty is brought to you by Thibaut!  I got an email about some of their new patterns starting with the color blue.

These are some of their new patterns shown in the blue colorway…..

As you know Pantone has picked blue as their color of the year!

Blue has proved to stand the test of time over the years…..it’s pretty classic and timeless.

And just a little pretty black and white for ya!

You know whats crazy…..I have actually done a little cooking….whoa….simmer down.  Just soup but still my cooktop was involved.

I looked in my pantry and fridge…. I had 2 cans of beans and some kale.  I googled what to make with those ingredients and  found this recipe.

Of course I had to make it a moment…..hee haw.

I did tweak it a little….added more lemon than the recipe called for and more salt and pepper but dang it was good.  

I will leave you with this funny….

And Cami says Hi:)

Hope you all have a blessed easter.  We can do this people….I feel like it is maybe 1/2 over.  In fact on Sunday…take a shower….wash your hair and put on your Sunday best! 

Stay positive 

Stay hopeful

Stay in the moment.

You are all amazing.



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