I told you I had some updates on a project for you!  And….it’s all about wallpaper!  Lord y’all I picked some winners and was so excited last week when they were getting installed.

This is a townhouse I am working on and trying to get rid of all the “spec” look and give it a more custom look.  We have changed out most of the light fixtures….

Let’s chat….

Before…..these were the lights in all of the secondary bathrooms.

After…the boys bathroom

What a difference right!  The wallpaper is Cole and Son and I have always wanted to use it! The light fixture is Circa Lighting.

This is one of the daughters bathrooms….

This amazing paper ….Light fixture is from Circa Lighting.

And this Schumacher paper in the bedroom replacing the ceiling fan with this Currey and Co light fixture.

How fun huh!

I found this bed for a great price and had it recovered…..The back wall got wallpapered in this Schumacher and I picked up these nightstands from West Elm…..

Can’t wait until the rug arrives….and the yellow horse wallpaper goes into the bathroom…..

AND…..then I walked into the master bedroom to this…..and I about died!

This Romo wallpaper is crazy good….

Again we just did the bed wall.

This will be the chandelier and below the fabrics…..

I also added a runner to warm things up……

It’s wool so good wearability ….

This Circa Light was added in the foyer…..

And this beauty in the main living area.

This will be installed in the dining area….can not wait.

I am still in Nantucket….this place is like a dream y’all.  And I have 2 dogs to love on since Cami isn’t here haha.

Henry and Lulu:)

I am so relaxed that I don’t even know what day it is….which is a good thing….




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