Hey kids…..checking in to chat about what has been going on around here!

First of all….newsflash…..Rose and I went to Scott’s for the first time in quite a few months.  I always forget how fun it is and I did pick up a few things for a client so it was well worth the trip!

Took a few pictures of some of my favorite things so for your enjoyment…..

I picked this up for a client…sometimes you just need something green…..that you don’t have to worry about right!

This booth had 3 tables of vintage pottery in all colors….I just wanted to scoop them up and run.

Pretty linen dishtowels….

I do love some black and white botanicals right!

This darn chest….whoa mama.

Pretty “sea scape” with all that coral.

Love some modern art in vintage frames….how about you?

And….not much I like more than a vintage stool like this!

Nice midcentury chest!

Some pretty planters

And I was in love with this pretty arrangement!

This was the find of the day!  A vintage rattan day bed.  Lord….Rose and I hovered around it for 15 min just trying to think of a client who could use it….

What is better than and old basket with greenery….I say nothing!

Don’t get me wrong I did buy a few things….

And I have big plans for all of it!

In other news I am making one of my guest rooms into a designer staging area.  I am SICK of it all being in my living room.  There are always boxes and fabric rolls hanging around so I need a place to handle all that.  And….when I shop for installs….it’s craziness.

Before I do that I had to do a little construction first.  These plaster walls were a mess [my house was built in 1946]  with peeling paint and cracks all over and I was tired of repairing.

Real life here…..

And we added insulation as there was none!  That’s a little game changer.

Listen…. just empty out a room and you will be amazed at how much stuff you have.  PLUS…there was a bed in there….. 2 nightstands and a chest!

OK….so maybe a few pillows too.  I mean….I guess I have some “splaining” to do…..

New drywall and paint….

So bye bye to the bed and nightstands.  Hello to a room lined with metal shelves and complete organization.  I am giddy with the thought of it all!

I will keep you posted on this situation.

Stay tune for stories on Instagram today as I am over at my townhouse project doing a little installing…..

Have a great weekend!

Sheriky Freaky


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