Month: May 2021

design plan dining room home office office makeover Sherry Hart Designs


How is everyone doing this Holiday Weekend?  Or should I say WHAT is everyone doing?   Me…..not much.  Preparing for my vacation up to Nantucket on Friday.  You know who I am going to miss?  Yup…..if you guessed Cami then you’re the winner. I am trying to get all my clients in a good place before […]

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before and after home office makeover office makeover Pottery Barn Sherry Hart Designs


Well how the heck are ya?   Yup it’s been a while and I feel shame that I am neglecting you guys but I am not giving up and I’m determined to get back on schedule!  Friday I had an install in a home office space.  I worked on this renovation all last winter and we […]

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Mrs Howard showhouse Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens 2021 Whitney Ray


I am trying to get this post out on the details of the Southeastern Designer Showhouse but I took 250 pictures and trying to edit them all is giving me the crazies… know they were taken in a hurry and so they are all crooked and need to be lightened.  UGH….. I know not earth […]

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before and after Currey and Company homegoods Sherry Hart Designs the mart


I have to say it’s been some crazy times here!  Last week I shopped for 3 solid days for an install on Monday.  I was at every HomeGoods and retail store in the city and every afternoon I would have to lug it all in my house.  You couldn’t even walk thru my living room! […]

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atlanta homes and lifestyles Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens 2021


Well…..well….she’s back:)  Yes it has been busy around these parts.  BUT….I have a special treat for you today!  What is that Sherry…..well how about some amazing pictures of the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles sponsored Southeastern Showhouse?  Will that garner some forgiveness for ignoring you? I was invited for Media Day [gosh I’m lucky] and took […]

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