Month: July 2021

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✔ ANOTHER PROJECT UPDATE – design indulgence

Hey guys!  I am out here in Boulder for just a few days….but before I left I did a little styling on a townhouse that I have been working on for a while! It’s a really fun project but of course it is very frustrating trying to get product right now….are you tired of hearing […]

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antiques organizing renovation Scott's


Hey kids…..checking in to chat about what has been going on around here! First of all….newsflash…..Rose and I went to Scott’s for the first time in quite a few months.  I always forget how fun it is and I did pick up a few things for a client so it was well worth the trip! […]

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before and after bookshelves rose kipper interiors styling styling bookshelves


I know women everywhere do this but y’all trying to work and take care of all the bills and house maintenance is killing me….. Plus you know how that goes… have to spend so much time setting up bill pay for everything and then for some reason it doesn’t happen and you spend hours on […]

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design Project Updates Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs Sherwin Williams SW Urbane Bronze vintage


I am starting this post before I go workout….I argued with myself all morning about whether I do it or not….yes…no….and then I said “just do it Sherry” and that seemed to answer the question.   I mean if I had a nickel [I could retire] for every friend who has said this to me…. “you […]

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