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✔ ANOTHER PROJECT UPDATE – design indulgence

Hey guys!  I am out here in Boulder for just a few days….but before I left I did a little styling on a townhouse that I have been working on for a while! It’s a really fun project but of course it is very frustrating trying to get product right now….are you tired of hearing […]

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Look at me being all responsible…’s Monday afternoon and I am starting this post so I can finish it tomorrow morning.  Don’t say I don’t love you guys:) Tomorrow I have to close on a small piece of property that I acquired in my divorce [it’s not signed yet but close] so I have to leave […]

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Well people….it was quite the week…..2 room installs and and curtain install gone wrong.  Not earth shattering but all kinds of hardware problems with shipping of wrong finishes. My installer said it is getting more common….as they don’t have enough people to fill the orders.  Supply chain going wrong! But….the amount of shopping I had […]

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Man….I have no words about what is happening in the world right now.  I am not even sure I should post about something as frivolous as design….while this country is in mourning. I apologize if I am being disrespectful  to anyone. I know that I…being white…. can not fully understand….. I have not walked their […]

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Man….I do not know how it got to be Tuesday already.  Even though I am still working….I tried to take the weekend off which helped a little not having the days run together! Since my gym is closed I have been walking like I am getting paid for it.  I think on Sat I did […]

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