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I told you I had some updates on a project for you!  And….it’s all about wallpaper!  Lord y’all I picked some winners and was so excited last week when they were getting installed. This is a townhouse I am working on and trying to get rid of all the “spec” look and give it a […]

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I have to say it’s been some crazy times here!  Last week I shopped for 3 solid days for an install on Monday.  I was at every HomeGoods and retail store in the city and every afternoon I would have to lug it all in my house.  You couldn’t even walk thru my living room! […]

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Man….I have no words about what is happening in the world right now.  I am not even sure I should post about something as frivolous as design….while this country is in mourning. I apologize if I am being disrespectful  to anyone. I know that I…being white…. can not fully understand….. I have not walked their […]

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Friday again?  What….looks around….it was just Friday a minute ago.  Seriously right? Can we just get a vaccine…..pleasssssssssseeeee? I will decorate your whole house for free…..I will homeschool your kids and cook for you [that’s not really a highlight]….but I will go pick up all the “to go orders”. Somebody?  Anybody? Let’s get on it […]

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Lord I feel like a broken record….you know….hang in there….we got this….yada yada yada. IT’S JUST CRAZY Period.  That’s it.  I got no more words of encouragement. Really it is such a hassle to go somewhere with: mask….check gloves…..check hand sanitizer….check I feel like when I get hungry I’ll just go in the backyard and get […]

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Sorry this post is late….but guess what?  I am sick again.  I know….wtf.  This is getting ridiculous and I am now a firm believer that stress DOES make you sick.  I eat right….drink moderately….exercise and take vitamins.  The 2 factors that I think are the cause….. is lack of sleep and the stress. Damn.  Damn.  Damn. […]

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