Nantucket vacation


Thanks for your sweet comments about my sister….Thank God it had not spread.  Cancer is such a bitch.  Of course both cancer AND heart disease run in my family so it is a crap shoot on what I will die of. My Dad passed away from a heart attack and both my sister [triple bypass] […]

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Nantucket Sherry Hart Designs


OK….so the “PJ” experience was so much fun….the best part being that we got to the small local airport 15 minutes before the flight left.  I mean no security and all of that waiting! I wore my wings from my flying days….haha!  Just in case anyone needed and help! Like I said my neighbor had […]

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design kitchen backsplash Nantucket Schumacher vacation


Alrighty then….more discussion about my trip to Nantucket.  As I said my neighbors just finished their extensive home renovation so even during a pandemic I hightailed it up there practically dressed in a hazmat suit….for a little vacation.  Well…. I did help them place 38 pieces of art…..but lucky for me I did not have […]

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Nantucket neighbor vacation


Well as suspected Tuesday was a no go on the post….and I was so relaxed by that point….that I could not even get to it on Monday 🙂 I can hardly explain how much I needed this break.  On top of everything we as a country are going thru….my own troubles definitely warranted a little […]

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