design Project Updates Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs Sherwin Williams SW Urbane Bronze vintage


I am starting this post before I go workout….I argued with myself all morning about whether I do it or not….yes…no….and then I said “just do it Sherry” and that seemed to answer the question.   I mean if I had a nickel [I could retire] for every friend who has said this to me…. “you […]

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Circa Lighting Currey and Company Romo Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs townhouse wallpaper


I told you I had some updates on a project for you!  And….it’s all about wallpaper!  Lord y’all I picked some winners and was so excited last week when they were getting installed. This is a townhouse I am working on and trying to get rid of all the “spec” look and give it a […]

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bathing suits Bloomingdales fashion gap J Crew old navy Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs Summersalt


OK….since most of my design projects are at a midway point I am back to fashion….and by fashion I mean bathing suits! And….. I am not a big fan….haha.  I mean at 69 I just don’t think it’s a good look.  I know…. I shouldn’t be so critical but there it is. I suppose if […]

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Designers Guild mitchell Black Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs Spoonflower


Well this is obviously late.  But… know the old saying…..“better late than never” haha I actually started this post on Thursday but somehow I got distracted….saw a squirrel or maybe a whole family…..who the heck knows.  Life with ADD. I wanted to talk about wallpaper.  Seriously y’all it’s so damn back in popularity.  I remember […]

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Charles Stewart Furniture Madison Project original art Rejuvenation Lighting renovation Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs Sherwin Williams styling wallpaper


Look at me being all responsible…’s Monday afternoon and I am starting this post so I can finish it tomorrow morning.  Don’t say I don’t love you guys:) Tomorrow I have to close on a small piece of property that I acquired in my divorce [it’s not signed yet but close] so I have to leave […]

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design kitchen backsplash Nantucket Schumacher vacation


Alrighty then….more discussion about my trip to Nantucket.  As I said my neighbors just finished their extensive home renovation so even during a pandemic I hightailed it up there practically dressed in a hazmat suit….for a little vacation.  Well…. I did help them place 38 pieces of art…..but lucky for me I did not have […]

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Black and White CB 2 Charles Stewart Furniture Circa Lighting Currey and Company faux flowers Madison Project Noir Furniture Schumacher sherry


Man….I have no words about what is happening in the world right now.  I am not even sure I should post about something as frivolous as design….while this country is in mourning. I apologize if I am being disrespectful  to anyone. I know that I…being white…. can not fully understand….. I have not walked their […]

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fabric fabrics Schumacher


I bet you thought I went and joined the witness protection program…….I just had one of those days on Friday.  Happens occasionally….when I just can’t get it together and I feel like my “voice” is not important.  Life. BUT……here is an update on my BIL.  He had surgery on Friday and all went great.  They […]

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fabric fabrics Schumacher wallpaper


Hey y’all… may still be in a “candy coma” from Halloween 🙂  I think this is the first year I did not buy any candy and actually turned out my lights and hid in the bedroom.  It’s not that big of deal because I normally get less than a handful of kids.  When did Halloween […]

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bathroom reno before and after Boulder homegoods ikea Pier One renovation Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs


I promise this is it….no mas…..the last of the Boulder Flip!  Maybe there are a few blades of grass I haven’t expanded on…..but seriously I have dragged this out long enough:) The master bedroom, bath, a guest room and hall bath. Master before The door to the right of the chest is to the smallish […]

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