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✔ ANOTHER PROJECT UPDATE – design indulgence

Hey guys!  I am out here in Boulder for just a few days….but before I left I did a little styling on a townhouse that I have been working on for a while! It’s a really fun project but of course it is very frustrating trying to get product right now….are you tired of hearing […]

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I am starting this post before I go workout….I argued with myself all morning about whether I do it or not….yes…no….and then I said “just do it Sherry” and that seemed to answer the question.   I mean if I had a nickel [I could retire] for every friend who has said this to me…. “you […]

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Well…..what can I say about vacations!  They are wonderful but dang coming home to the “real world” is a bit of a struggle….   I got in Friday evening and Sat and Sun my sister and I worked all day cleaning out my younger sisters kitchen and family room as they were starting the demo […]

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Circa Lighting Currey and Company Romo Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs townhouse wallpaper


I told you I had some updates on a project for you!  And….it’s all about wallpaper!  Lord y’all I picked some winners and was so excited last week when they were getting installed. This is a townhouse I am working on and trying to get rid of all the “spec” look and give it a […]

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Nantucket Sherry Hart Designs


OK….so the “PJ” experience was so much fun….the best part being that we got to the small local airport 15 minutes before the flight left.  I mean no security and all of that waiting! I wore my wings from my flying days….haha!  Just in case anyone needed and help! Like I said my neighbor had […]

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design plan dining room home office office makeover Sherry Hart Designs


How is everyone doing this Holiday Weekend?  Or should I say WHAT is everyone doing?   Me…..not much.  Preparing for my vacation up to Nantucket on Friday.  You know who I am going to miss?  Yup…..if you guessed Cami then you’re the winner. I am trying to get all my clients in a good place before […]

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before and after home office makeover office makeover Pottery Barn Sherry Hart Designs


Well how the heck are ya?   Yup it’s been a while and I feel shame that I am neglecting you guys but I am not giving up and I’m determined to get back on schedule!  Friday I had an install in a home office space.  I worked on this renovation all last winter and we […]

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before and after Currey and Company homegoods Sherry Hart Designs the mart


I have to say it’s been some crazy times here!  Last week I shopped for 3 solid days for an install on Monday.  I was at every HomeGoods and retail store in the city and every afternoon I would have to lug it all in my house.  You couldn’t even walk thru my living room! […]

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Angela Simeone fashion Sherry Hart Designs Swoox this and that


How the heck can I quit blogging when I get so much love from all of you?  I mean even some “diehard lurkers” wrote comments so the pressure is definitely on! That being said my blog post may be just a little schizophrenic for a while as I have a lot of projects going on […]

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coin necklace scotts Sherry Hart Designs


Crazy…..look at me posting on a Tuesday:)  Hope everyone had a great Easter with lots of time off and relaxing. I did just that.  I cleaned out my medicine cabinet.  Huh?  Yup.  And I even painted the shelves as they were rusty in spots.  My sister said “you must have been really bored”…. It was […]

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