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Well….my last morning in Nantucket and it was glorious!  So darn charming….they might want me to come back in August to babysit the dogs while they go away for a wedding and I said….maybe.  If you send the jet for me:) Haha…..I think I might crawl  up here on my hands and knees!! Unfortunately I […]

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blue and white color cooking Thibaut wallpaper


OK…..everybody take a huge breath…’s time for me to take you away from all of this madness!  It’s Good Friday and it’s all about pretty here at Design Indulgence. Look….I am as anxious as all of you.  Living alone and trying to find my way….. but the things that have helped me the most have […]

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before and after Boulder Circa Lighting Kohler Sherry Hart Designs the tile shop Thibaut


Well it’s that time of year when no one is reading blogs but the I’m still going to crank out a meager attempt of a before and after…..except when you get to the end and you are waiting for the big reveal….it might leave you scratching your head. What I mean is it’s not quite […]

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bathroom reno design plan Sherry Hart Designs the tile shop Thibaut


So….I have a little update with the bathroom in Boulder.  This….is why we make the big bucks…. for realz. Not sure if I told you but the bathroom has to be finished by Thanksgiving.   Uh Huh.  37 days. So I prance up to The Tile Shop on Saturday which is a measly 1/8  of a […]

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