Thibaut wallpaper


Well….my last morning in Nantucket and it was glorious!  So darn charming….they might want me to come back in August to babysit the dogs while they go away for a wedding and I said….maybe.  If you send the jet for me:) Haha…..I think I might crawl  up here on my hands and knees!! Unfortunately I […]

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Circa Lighting Currey and Company Romo Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs townhouse wallpaper


I told you I had some updates on a project for you!  And….it’s all about wallpaper!  Lord y’all I picked some winners and was so excited last week when they were getting installed. This is a townhouse I am working on and trying to get rid of all the “spec” look and give it a […]

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Charles Stewart Furniture Madison Project original art Rejuvenation Lighting renovation Schumacher Sherry Hart Designs Sherwin Williams styling wallpaper


Look at me being all responsible…..it’s Monday afternoon and I am starting this post so I can finish it tomorrow morning.  Don’t say I don’t love you guys:) Tomorrow I have to close on a small piece of property that I acquired in my divorce [it’s not signed yet but close] so I have to leave […]

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blue and white color cooking Thibaut wallpaper


OK…..everybody take a huge breath…..it’s time for me to take you away from all of this madness!  It’s Good Friday and it’s all about pretty here at Design Indulgence. Look….I am as anxious as all of you.  Living alone and trying to find my way….. but the things that have helped me the most have […]

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You guys….I love hearing about what you have been up to!  Thank you for taking the time to write……someone asked me if I ever reply to comments and if you can tell me how….I would be happy to do that:) In between taking Cami for 5 walks a day I am trying to get work […]

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bathroom reno before and after Circa Lighting Kelly Wearstler Kohler Lee Jofa makeover vintage wallpaper


I can’t believe how much better I feel since I got a little sunshine!  Even though it was really cold last weekend….that was fine by me! Let me say….dealing with the home building side of design is a lot of work.  As I said before practically every project I am working on right now is […]

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fabric fabrics Schumacher wallpaper


Hey y’all…..you may still be in a “candy coma” from Halloween 🙂  I think this is the first year I did not buy any candy and actually turned out my lights and hid in the bedroom.  It’s not that big of deal because I normally get less than a handful of kids.  When did Halloween […]

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